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Roto accessories
  • The very first furniture! The history of Roto Frank AG began in 1935 in Germany.
  • The world’s first swing-out window mechanism! The founder of the company, Wilhelm Frank, is the inventor of the world’s first window device, thanks to which windows can be opened in two planes – vertical and horizontal. Frank’s ingenious invention – the swing-out mechanism – made a technological breakthrough in the production of windows.
  • Burglary protection as standard! In the Roto-NT, the swing-out switch is equipped with a mushroom-shaped burglar-proof trunnion, which, when closed, engages with the burglar-proof strike plate on the frame.

The Roto NT is one of the most sought after swing-tilt systems in the world due to its wide versatility and functionality. With Roto NT fittings you can easily make windows of any size, and most importantly, configurations. Roto Frank AG was able to propose and implement the modular principle of hardware assembly, which made it possible to change (modernize) the functionality of the window at any time and without great expense. Your window already has basic security as standard with Roto NT hardware. In the basic configuration, the rocker switches are equipped with anti-burglary mushroom-type pins, which, when closed, engage with the strike plates on the frame. But if this is not enough and the client makes demands for increased safety and comfort, then it is easy to accomplish! It is necessary to install additional elements, for example, anti-burglar and thermostatic electronic elements, sensors for alarms, protection against drilling, hook locks, or P and V trunnions, and of course anti-burglary strikers. Roto NT fittings meet 3 classes of burglar resistance in accordance with the world standards DIN V ENV1627 1630.

The new generation Roto NT fittings are a new development of tilt-and-turn fittings for PVC products from the Roto Frank AG design office. The tilt-and-turn operation of fittings is now in demand all over the world. The functionality of the turn-out window allows you to easily move the window from the turn-out position to the swing-out position, and vice versa.

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Elegant and reliable? It is a combination of the best technical solutions and excellent design. A distinctive feature of the Roto NT hardware is the new RotoSil Nano titanium-silver coating, which meets the highest environmental safety requirements and high corrosion resistance.

The estimated service life of the Roto NT hardware is 15,000 cycles (approx. 20 years). One cycle includes 4 stages: opening, closing, swinging back, closing.