Window sills Stained glass is an environmentally friendly and durable coating that does not contain formaldehyde, is resistant to temperature changes, and is also moisture-vapor resistant.
Three series are available: PD-40 series, VPL series, ESTERA series

Sizes: 100 to 600 mm


The following colors are available – white

Plastic window sills with decorative PVC coating are the most common ones on the window sill market today. They have earned customer loyalty due to their ease of installation and installation and excellent quality characteristics.


The following colors are available: white satin, marble, golden oak, walnut, dark oak, mahogany

VPL-coated window sills are made of first-class 100% rigid PVC, have vertical internal stiffeners, withstand all types of stress (pressure, deflection, impact, etc.). The sill board with acrylic VPL coating belongs to the premium class.

VPL-coated window sills are covered with a protective and decorative film based on acrylic resins.

Resins give window sills an elegant appearance, a pleasant texture, protection from local mechanical damage (scratches, chips), high temperatures (cigarette ash, cigarette butts), acidic and caustic substances, food residues, alcohols.

To avoid damage during transportation, VPL-coated window sills are completely wrapped in a transparent protective film bearing the “VIP – VPL” marking, which can be easily removed after installation.


The following colors are available: white gloss, sofia

Estera window sills have an elegant design and unique texture that fit perfectly into any interior. Reinforced base, multi-layer acrylic foil, scratch, temperature and UV resistant. Sizes from 100 to 600 mm