Accado furniture

We offer our partners ACCADO accessories, which differ from the accessories of most manufacturers on the market.

Each piece of fittings has a number of functional advantages that distinguish it from other analogues:

  • smoothness of the handle;
  • the absence of plastic parts that perform power functions, which significantly increases the service life of the fittings elements;
  • polyamide bushings in the hinges at the points of metal rotation, that reduce friction and ensure smooth and noiseless window rotation;
  • additional pins in all middle locks to improve the clamping in the area of ​​the upper hinge;
  • adjustable scissors with erroneous opening and wind stop functions;
  • anti-burglary mechanisms;
  • anti-corrosion coating that prevents negative consequences from the effects of temperature extremes, high humidity and mechanical damage.

All systems are certified according to GOST R and have certificates of the European quality standard RAL.