Aluminum gates “Aluminiu Grup” are a successful combination of traditional high quality, modern technology, durability and aesthetic design. They are relatively light, as the structure does not include iron parts. Its main part consists of aluminum profiles. They are covered with polymer paint that protects the canvas from the weather, excludes corrosion and prolongs the life of the products.

Aluminum gates are filled with several types of materials:

– roller profiles;

– extruded profiles.


Aluminum doors “Aluminiu Grup” are also made of foam profiles. The even distribution of the insulating material eliminates deformation of the products and ensures their good resistance to mechanical stress. Prevention of abrasion and scratches, burnout of the canvas under the sun’s rays, stretching, cracking, flaking, corrosion is achieved through the PUR-PA coating. Profiles are presented in a wide range of colors.


Quite often in “Aluminiu Grup” aluminum doors are filled with extruded profiles. They are 3.7, 8.2 and 8.7 cm wide. They are made from aluminum with subsequent application of a protective polymer coating. When using profiles with a width of 8.7 cm, the door leaf is filled completely, without gaps. Smaller products allow for the creation of lattice structures. The structure of the profiles is glossy. Various colors are available.

Aluminum profiles have a glossy surface structure and are available in various colors:


The price of the gate is formed individually for each client. The cost is affected by the size of the products, the option of filling them, etc.