Window ebb (another name is drainage or molding) is one of the most important parts of the window, designed to drain rainwater and melt water in spring. In a window without a molding, moisture will penetrate into the structure, thus gradually destroying it. Therefore, installing a window without a molding is a waste of money, the window will eventually lose its tightness and energy-saving properties.

Moldings are a must, both for windows and balconies and loggias. They not only protect against the penetration of water into the room, but are also an important design element.

Window sills are designed to be installed together with windows in the lower part of the opening, balcony sills are installed on the balcony glazing frame, i.e. over the balcony opening.

Aluminum sills, for windows and balconies, are made of painted aluminum tape.

The sizes of window

Advantages of aluminum castings:

* ow cost in comparison with other moldings, which allows us to offer an economical solution for the design of window openings;

* aesthetic appearance compared to unpainted steel castings;

* the surface of the molding is covered with a protective film that protects the products during transportation and installation and can be easily removed immediately after installation;

* resistance to atmospheric precipitation, temperature extremes.

Color range of aluminum moldings:

Moldongs are available in the following colors: golden oak, brown and white aluminum.

White – the standard color goes well with the main colors of window structures;
Golden oak – is among the most original and textured, ideal for houses and cottages made of wooden beams, red bricks and other decorative materials;
Brown – will create originality and emphasize the appearance of the structure in brown or a similar color

Available in the following sizes:

100, 135,150,165,180,195,210,225,240,260,280,300