Wintech 640

The idea of creating this series lies in the desire of the company’s specialists to provide the most accessible profile system with high heat-saving and sound-insulating performance. At the same time, more possibilities arise to accomplish the customer’s wishes, thanks to the compatibility of the auxiliary profiles, glazing beads and gaskets that are used in the Standard series.

The W640 series is an advanced PVC system of the Wintech trademark, in which geometric parameters, outer wall thickness and the number of heat chambers are ideally balanced. This profile system was developed specifically for the special climatic conditions of Ukraine and Moldova.

Profile Features Wintech 640 Series:

  1. Profile width 60mm.
  2. External wall thickness Wintech 640 – (2.7 – 0.2mm).
  3. Possibility of using 4-6mm glass or 24mm – 32mm glass unit.
  4. Two sealing circuits, the used seals, due to the unique formula, have increased durability and are supplied in black and gray.
  5. The profiles have a smooth, glossy surface, snow-white.
  6. The sash adapter (shtulp) is made with a Euro-groove, which allows the production of shtulp windows, in which one of the shutters will be only pivoting, and the other is tilt-pivoting.
  7. The door group of the Wintech 640 profile system is superbly designed, the door leaf has a width of 105 mm. The door leaf connector allows the production of high quality, heavy duty doors.
  8. A wide range of connecting profiles opens up the possibility of various solutions for the installation of the structure.
  9. A wide range of colors for laminating decor.
  10. The presence of three- and four-compartment series in the system will satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers.


Due to the different range of color shades, we can achieve a unique originality when creating the facades of residential buildings. Wintech, along with white profiles, provides its customers with profiles in different colors with an acrylic coating, which can satisfy any whim. Acrylic coating 0.5mm thick is co-extruded. The inner side is covered with a decorative film – laminate, which gives an elegant and aesthetic appearance. Acrylic does not allow the sun’s rays to pass through, therefore its chemical structure does not change, as a result of which the color does not fade and retains a fresh look for many years.