Wintech 753

The elegant appearance of the five-compartment profile, the increased size of the air chambers, the universal reinforcing profile and much more makes this profile the leader among similar products. It is a universal, standard profile system, the most widely used on the Ukrainian market. The system is widely used in housing construction, it also has a certificate of conformity and a solution of sanitary and epidemiological expertise.

Wintech 753 profile characteristics:

  1. Profile width 70mm, five-compartment system.
  2. Outer wall thickness 2.7 – 0.2 mm complies with the German RAL certificate
  3. Thanks to a wide selection of glazing beads, it is possible to use a double-glazed unit with a thickness of 24.32 and 42mm.
  4. Two sealing circuits – external and internal
  5. The special shape of the double-glazed window seam with a slope prevents water penetration through the profile into the room.
  6. Perfectly smooth surface.
  7. The profile can be supplied with or without extended seals.
  8. Complies with international quality standards.
  9. A profile is installed in the unused groove for the glazing bead – a plug that prevents moisture and debris from entering it and improves the aesthetic appearance.

For the convenience of producing translucent structures, we also offer our customers profiles with a co-extruded seal. Wintech TPV gaskets are made from TPV material based on synthetic rubber and modified polypropylene produced in our factory by extrusion.

The colors of the laminated tape

The surface of Wintech windows is flawlessly white and glossy, and what is most importantly, does not require special maintenance. You can easily clean your windows with your regular household detergent. Wintech windows will allow you to bring to life any design ideas and color preferences, thanks to the possibility of using an excellent laminated coating.

The Wintech profile system provides windows with optimal heat and sound insulation, resistance to weathering, long service life, and undemanding maintenance.