GEVISS has brought to life the developments of renowned Turkish engineers in the window industry.

The fittings of this company are a high-tech product of good quality and reasonable cost. It is used for both mass and private construction options. All fittings are manufactured at the Turkish GEVISS factory. It complies with all quality certificates on the territory of the Russian Federation, Turkey and the entire European Union.

Features of GEVISS fittings:

  • Is made in silver color;
  • Includes three layers of corrosion protection (chromium, zinc and molecular wax) and is ecologically and EU approved.
  • The handle turns easily thanks to the locking parts;
  • There is a micro-ventilation function, which is equipped on the swing-out sash;
  • The hinges are designed for PVC sashes weighing up to 90 kg;
  • The fittings of this company are easy to adjust, a screwdriver and a hex key are enough for this;
  • The system is equipped with a universal swing-out scissors. Moving from right to left is very easy;
  • The standard trim kit includes a sash fallout blocker;
  • The swing-out strike plate also serves as a thrust bearing;
  • There is a possibility of adjusting the lower hinge in three planes, which provides a thrust bearing function;
  • Three flexible lugs of the angular transmission make it possible to soften the stroke and increase the life;
  • All rubbing fittings are lubricated at the factory during manufacture, so there is no need to repeat the procedure during installation;
  • The presence of adjustable locking elements allows you to maximize the duration of work and ensures ease of use of mechanisms;
  • The sash of the plastic window can be tilted;
  • There is a universal microlift bar, adjustable in a vertical position;
  • The sash clamp can be adjusted from all sides.