Kale Kilit is one of the largest lock manufacturers in the world. Today the production capacity of the factory is over 20 million locks per year.

The company is a leader on the Turkish market for the last fifty years thanks to its range and production technology.

The following colors are available for the 301 and 302 models: white, brown
silver, black

Available for both plastic and aluminum doors

The Kale Kilit plant  is an innovative and modern production facility. Now on an area of ​​38,000 sq.m. more than 1,500 qualified specialists work. The company owns a steel rolling mill, equipment for cutting metal sheets, latest generation presses, powder coating chambers, electroplating baths, furnaces for casting non-ferrous alloys, polishing machines, as well as various types of modern machines for the mechanical processing of metals.  
The annual investment in production facilities and equipment is over $ 7 million per year.  

Exporting products  is one of the most important aspects of Kale Kilit’s growth strategy. In 2007, its volume exceeded USD 40 million. The Kale brand is famous in more than 80 countries around the world, and this gives us the right to assert:

Kale Kilit is the global market leader for locks and hardware.