Window systems

Window systems

The most modern window systems, which are used in office buildings, shopping and entertainment centers and offices are invariably made of Kurtoglu aluminum window profiles.

Aluminum window systems are a set of profiles that are assembled with each other and designed for certain types of structures.

System of window and door aluminum profiles without thermal break.

The profile of this series is used for structures where thermal break is required.

Thermal break system for the manufacture of window, door and stained glass structures.

New system of aluminum profiles with thermal break for the production of window, door and stained glass


Large window openings can be often met in modern interiors. They make the room look brighter and more spacious. And office buildings have ceased to look like boring gray buildings. Now, even from afar, they shine with their glass surface.

In order for a structure to be strong and reliable, it needs a solid base. This is exactly what aluminum window profiles are. In the ratio of the price of the product and its quality, this is the most rational solution. Further on, we will tell you why it is profitable to purchase such window structures and where it can be done.


Developers prefer aluminum profiles for the installation of entrance doors and vestibules, showcases, partitions and windows. The aluminum profiles offered by Kurtoglu are stronger and more durable and have a number of other advantages. Therefore, they are in great demand both in the glazing of commercial buildings and residential buildings. The main features of profiles made of this metal for windows are:

  • Strength and reliability of the material. Aluminum-made, in comparison with metal-plastic-made, structures are stronger and more reliable. Frames made of this metal will serve you at least 80 years, and this is not the limit. Really large structures can be made from aluminum. Moreover, their weight will be small. This is possible due to the properties of this metal. Compared to metal-plastic windows, the width of the aluminum profile is smaller. This will allow the windows to let more light in.
  • The ability to create any design. This is one of the main advantages of aluminum structures. For example, paint on wooden profiles fades quickly, which cannot be said for aluminum ones. The structures are easy to decorate and paint for any design decision. No other window material gives you this ability to change its appearance.
  • Good heat and sound insulation. Aluminum profiles have multiple EPDR sealing contours. This allows them to retain heat well and keep moisture out.
  • Environmentally friendly and fireproof. Aluminum structures do not emit any toxic substances when heated, cooled and under other influences. Also, aluminum is the most fire-resistant material from which windows are made.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain. Naturally, for a beginner, who has not seen window structures before, the assembly of an aluminum profile will seem difficult. In fact, this process is much simpler than assembling timber profiles. This also applies to aftercare. Aluminum profiles are very easy to keep clean. All you need is soapy water and a cotton cloth that won’t scratch the surface.

All aluminum window frames are divided into two categories: “warm” and “cold”. Those that belong to the first type have a special insert inside, thanks to which cold air does not enter the room. Such frames are used in almost any type of premises. They have excellent thermal insulation.

“Cold” aluminum profiles do not have such a strip. This also affects the cost – their price will be lower in comparison with the “warm” ones. They should not be used where energy conservation is of high importance. Often, such windows are installed in unheated warehouses or for glazing balconies. Also, “cold” structures are installed as partitions inside the premises.


Our company offers a catalog with a wide range of Kurtoglu aluminum profiles. Experienced consultants will help you quickly understand the nomenclature. Based on your drawings, the manager will quickly select the optimal model for solving your problems.

We have more than 70 tons of aluminum window profiles in our warehouses. You will not have to wait for the goods for a long time. After all, all components (structures for installation and accessories) are always available. This means that in a few days after ordering you will be able to receive everything.

The delivery itself is carried out in all regions of Moldova through transport services which are convenient for you. Also, having additionally discussed all the conditions and nuances, we will organize the delivery of a whole consignment of goods directly to your warehouse.


Strong, reliable windows will not let the cold air through, will keep your homes and offices warm even in severe frosts. Wide window openings will fill the room with pleasant daylight and will delight you on sunny days. And due to the fact that the profiles are easy to decorate, they can fit into any stylish design.

To purchase an aluminum profile, contact the nearest representative of our company in your region. You can also place your order online on the website. Our manager will contact you, clarify the details and select a high-quality and advantageous offer for you.

Our product range includes:

  • Series 40 C – “cold” window-door system.
  • Series 54T ​– Window-door system from “warm series” equipped with a polyamide thermal bridge 18 mm.
  • Series 60T – Window-door system from “warm” series, equipped with a polyamide thermal bridge 24 mm.
  • Series 74T – New “warm” window and door series with polyamide thermal bridge 32 – 34 mm.
System / Characteristics40С54Т60Т74Т
Technical featuresFrame Width: 40 mm
Wing Width: 45 mm
Glaze usage interval 4–22 mm
Wall Thickness: 1.2–1.3 mm
Frame Width: 54, 64 mm
Wing Width: 59 mm
Wall Thickness: 1.2-1.3 mm
Heat Barrier: 18 mm
Glaze usage interval 4-34 mm

Frame Width: 60, 70 mm
Wing Widt: 59 mm
Wall Thicknes: 1.3 mm
Heat Barrier: 24 mm
Glaze usage interval 10-36 mm

Frame Width : 74 mm
Wing Width : 69 mm
Wall Thickness : 1,8 – 2 mm
Heat Barrier : 34 mm
Glaze usage interval 10-36 mm
Effectivity Heat Transmission:2.89 W/m2KHeat Transmission: Uf = 2,58 Вт/(м2*К)Heat Transmission: Uf = 2,06 Вт/(м2*К)
ТерморазрывNONEIs neededPresentPresent
FunctionThe production of functional windows and doors of any profile with standard and non-standard angles.Production of entrance doors, vestibules, and swing and swing-out windows.Production of window, door and stained glass structures. Suitable for any type of entrance groups.Production of window, door and more complex translucent structures for modern energy -efficient and passive buildings
FeaturesSmall size, ideal for inside doors, interior partitions, low-budget.The presence of additional window and door sashes with a slot for PVC fittings, which can significantly reduce the cost of the finished product without losing quality.Increased rigidity of the aluminum structure.Increased rigidity of the aluminum structure.

Window and door configurations 40C

Profile 40C


Window and door configurations 54T

Profile 54T


Window and door configurations 60T

Profile 60T