Door mechanisms

Aluminiu Grup presents door mechanisms in different specifications from three leading quality door mechanism manufacturers such as: ARX, VORNE and Roto.

ARX hardware has been in production for over 65 years. ARX has grown from a small artisan metalworking enterprise to a huge factory for the production of window and door fittings with a strong engineering staff that has managed to develop unique technological solutions and win the trust of global concerns and end consumers in Europe.

ARX multi-point door mechanism with handle hooks16002000 35/92
ARX multi-point door mechanism with cylinder pawl 1600200035/92
ARX door mechanism anti-hacking1600200035/92

The VORNE company produces door mechanisms for window and door metal-plastic and aluminum structures, as well as for sliding systems. VORNE is taking decisive steps towards becoming a world-renowned brand, while combining technological strength, agility and continuous improvement in design and production.

Vorne door mechanism: ROLLER1600-1800; 1800-200035/85
Vorne door mechanism: ROLLER2000-2200 35/92
Vorne door mechanism: PAWL1600 -1800; 1800-2000; 2000-2200 25/85
Vorne door mechanism: PAWL1600 -1800; 1800-2000; 2000-2200 35/85

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