The most common, widespread, mosquito net is a lightweight structure made of extruded aluminum profiles. The anti-mosquito profile serves as a kind of frame for the entire structure. The Aluminiu Grup company supplies high quality anti-mosquito profiles from the leading manufacturer of aluminum profiles Kurtoglu.

Available in the following colors: white, dark brown, walnut and golden oak (texture)

The advantages of our anti-mosquito nets:

  • environmentally friendly materials
  • good protection against insects
  • durability
  • does not disturb air circulation.

The finished product – a mosquito net is made by components from the BZZZX company. These handles, hinges and other components of the mosquito net have established themselves as reliable attributes of a durable high quality product!


In summer, insects often fly into an apartment or house, giving people a lot of trouble. If you do not want to keep the windows closed in the heat and sleep in the stuffiness, the solution is to install a mosquito net on the windows. In addition to protecting against insects, mosquito nets have many additional advantages:

  • provide additional protection from dust, pollen, poplar fluff,
  • do not prevent fresh air and daylight from entering the house,
  • can be used on windows and doors of different types, sizes and shapes,
  • with proper care and storage have a long service life,
  • do not spoil the appearance of the window,
  • are easily installed and dismantled in winter.

We will produce one according to your individual sizes!

In order not to call the measurer at home, you can easily measure everything by yourself.