The most modern window systems, which are used in administrative buildings, in shopping and entertainment centers and in offices, are invariably made of Kurtoglu aluminum window profiles.

Aluminum window systems are a set of profiles that are assembled with each other and designed for certain types of structures.


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Window-door “warm” series, equipped with a polyamide thermal bridge of 24 mm. Suitable for glazing in all climatic zones of Ukraine. The parameters of this system make it possible to produce strong and reliable structures with increased rigidity.

– All profiles are extruded exclusively from high quality primary aluminum fusion.

  • A large selection of frames and sashes allows you to create products with different types of opening – pivoting, swing-out.
  • The presence of frames with a depth of 70 mm, 86 mm for structures with large dimensions.
  • The presence of a 24 mm thermal bridge makes this system the most suitable for entrance doors, vestibules, and glass windows of buildings.
  • Three circuits of EPDR (ethylene-propylene-diene-rubber) provide protection against moisture and air.
  • Central EPDR rubber for extra sealing.
  • A large selection of additional profiles – radius corners, lower imposts, adapters.
  • Equipped with a Euro slot for installing fittings from leading European manufacturers such as Fapim, Ragni, Stublina and others.
  • Includes profiles with the slot for PVC fittings.
  • Equipped with several contours of quality EPDR (ethylene propylene diene rubber) gaskets.
  • Central EPDR rubber for extra sealing.
  • Completed with connections for mechanical assembly.
  • Possibility of assembly by pressing-in corners for increased strength of finished structures.
  • Profiles can be painted according to the colors of the RAL table, have an anodized coating or be decorated “like wood” using a special sublimation method.
  • Adapters and covers of this system have sets of special PVC plugs for hermetical tightness and a complete appearance of the structure.
  • The optimal combination of price and quality makes this series popular for many years on.
Tехнические свойства 
Frame Width60, 70 mm
Wing Widt:59 mm
Wall Thicknes:1,3 mm
Heat Barrier:24 mm
Glaze usage interval10 – 36 mm
Heat Transmission:Uf = 2.58 W/m2K