W450 HS System

The W450 Hidden Sash consists of the hidden frame of the W450 system, offering a simple and elegant aesthetic effect along with the safety and functionality ensured by the perimeter mechanism.

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W450 HS system


Its contemporary architectural design is reflected not only in its modern
appearance but also in its minimum 72 mm face height that maximizes the field of vision and at the same time allows the maximum possible flow of natural light inside the building.
The use of 31.8 mm glass reinforced polyamides (PA66 GF25) ensures a high thermal insulation of Uf from 1.6 W/m²K, while specially designed EPDM tires and advanced perimeter mechanism ensure absolute water tightness and wind resistance.

  • Hidden sash with a 72 mm frame height and 76.6 mm frame width
  • High insulation level
  • Exceptional water tightness due to the EPDM gaskets
  • Ability to use the Camera Europea and CAMERA ALU 16 mechanisms
    (stainless steel perimeter locking / tilting mechanism)
  • Frameless hinged robust specially designed constructions