Prefabricated buildings

Frame-and-awning structures are such structures that aremade of a metal frame, covered with PVC fabric (polyvinyl chloride). The frame ensures the strength and stability of the object, and is able to withstand significant loads. The canopy made of polyvinyl chloride reliably protects against adverse climatic influences. A special protective coating makes the canvas waterproof, increases its resistance to decay, ultraviolet rays, and various dirt. Modern technologies allow the product to be used in the atmospheric temperature range from -50 ° C to +50 ° C.

Aluminiu Grup has a wide range of standard frame-and-awning structures designed for modular use with convenient compatibility and quick assembly, as well as design of atypical structures and design of temporary infrastructure facilities.

Installation is carried out on any solid, level surface without a foundation. No building permit required. Aluminum frames are strong, durable and corrosion resistant. Snow load solutions are made with reinforced structures.

By ordering a frame-awning construction from “Aluminiu Grup”, the price of which is much lower than that of a building built using classical technology, you will receive reliable and safe premises that will serve you for many years!